The CTA U-Pass program provides greatly reduced rides for students and requires that all eligible students participate in the program. All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the program and are responsible for picking up the UPASS and paying the CTA fee. Eligibility is determined based on your academic program, credit hours and course locations as it appears on your registration.



You meet the academic program requirement if you are enrolled in a degree program at DePaul 

You meet the credit hour requirement if :

  • You are an undergraduate student in any college enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
  • You are a Law student enrolled in 9 or more credit hours
  • You are a graduate student in any program enrolled in 8 or more credit hours (except music)
  • You are a Music graduate enrolled in 6 or more credit hours

You meet the Course Location requirement if at least one course is listed as:

  • Regular lecture in the Loop, Lincoln Park, O'Hare or Off-campus
  • Internship
  • Student Teaching
  • Independent Study



Students taking courses EXCLUSIVELY online, in suburban campuses (Except O’hare), enrolled in non-degree programs or studying abroad are not eligible to receive a CTA U-PASS.

Students registered with DePaul’s Center for Students with Disabilities can request to be removed from the CTA U-PASS program.  Contact for more information.



DePaul students who meet the requirements based on course registration will see a CTA Fee on their tuition account.  Students are responsible for this fee regardless of benefit use or card pick-up.  A CTA fee can be removed ONLY when a student’s eligibility has changed on or before the last day to drop courses.  Fee administration and removal is an automated process based on registration. The CTA UPass is based on a CTA rate of $0.81 per day plus DePaul's administration fee of approximately 2.79%.

Undergraduate & Graduate Students ($91.50 per quarter)
College of Law ($137.00 per semester)
The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is increasing the daily rates in the U-Pass program beginning in the fall 2013 quarter. The CTA’s daily student rate is scheduled to increase to $1.07 from the current rate of $0.81. The fee will be $91.50 for the fall quarter and $137 for the fall Law School semester. This is the first daily rate increase in four years. Future price increases will be set by the CTA but may be no more than 3 percent per year through 2018.  While the University administers the program, all fees collected from students are passed through to the CTA and DePaul does not profit financially from U-Pass. 

Under the current U-Pass, students have unlimited rides on CTA trains and buses.  The new program, beginning in fall 2013, also includes functionality allowing students to add funds to be used for fares during university breaks. Any student who will use the U-Pass for at least two round trip rides per week saves money.  Even with the increase, U-Pass continues to be a value saving hundreds of dollars a year for thousands of students. 

U-Pass was piloted at DePaul in 1999. To read more about the history of U-Pass at DePaul as well as a number of FAQs, please visit  To read more about the CTA’s new Ventra payment program, visit .

Read more about fare changes beginning Fall 2013